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Seasonal Lawn Maintenance

DW Lawn and Landscaping LLC delivers high-quality seasonal lawn maintenance for residential and commercial customers in Englewood, OH, and the nearby areas. Call (937) 231-5809 to request a free estimate.

Fall & Spring Seasonal Maintenance

Fall and spring require specialized maintenance to prep your lawn for the scorching summers and the snowy winters. Our seasonal maintenance solutions include:

  • Trimming overgrown bushes
  • Cutting down dead seasonal flowers and grass
  • Blowing leaves out of flowerbeds and lawns
  • Vacuuming leaves to remove from your yard
Fall and Spring Lawn Maintenance Services in Englewood OH

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Specialized Lawn Maintenance

Leaf & Tree Debris

  • Cut and completely remove larger branches that have fallen
  • Remove any smaller twigs and leaves left behind
  • Use a blower to clean up additional debris
  • Blow and vacuum leaves for a well-cleaned appearance

Pressure Washing

  • Wash sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and outdoor windows
  • Performed exclusively for residential properties

Gutter Cleaning

  • Clear gutters of leaf debris using a specially modified leaf blower
  • Pressure wash if there is a large buildup of leaves
  • Performed exclusively for residential properties

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Located in Englewood, OH, DW offers seasonal maintenance in Vandalia, Clayton, and all nearby areas. We also provide mulching, firewood, lawn, and landscaping services. Get your free estimate when you call us at (937) 231-5809.

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