Chopped Firewood Sales & Delivery Services Chopped Firewood Sales & Delivery Services

Chopped Firewood Sales & Delivery

Welcome to Englewood Firewood Co., a sister company of DW Lawn and Landscaping LLC, offering premium firewood delivery in the Englewood, Ohio, area. Contact us at (937) 231-5809 to order seasoned firewood or request a free estimate. We’d love to talk with you.

Quality Firewood Delivery

As the people behind Englewood Firewood Co., we’ve been splitting and burning firewood for our own home since 2013, and we give your firewood the same care that we give our own. We keep the wood covered so that it doesn’t get wet and rotten. We sell hardwoods that are best for burning, such as ash, maple, and oak. We will never sell wood that has a high sap content, so that it gives you a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • We deliver firewood within a 20-mile radius of our location for a flat-rate delivery fee of $39.
  • No matter the time of year, we typically keep 3-5 cords of split wood in stock.
  • Need a tree chopped up? Or maybe you need some trees removed from your property? We will come to your house and do that. Our hourly rate is $69.

We sell firewood by the cord (a 4-foot by 4-foot by 8-foot stack).

  • 1/3 cord = $125
  • 2/3 cord = $250
  • Full cord = $320
Chopped Firewood Sales and Delivery Services in Englewood OH

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Why Choose Us?

  • Hardwood. We have the best wood for burning, and we never sell any kind of pine or sap-saturated woods.
  • Seasoned Wood. We season the wood in pre-cut rounds for one year before we split it. Then we season the wood for another three months.
  • Dry Wood. We sell only wood that has a moisture content of less than 19%.
  • Convenient Delivery. Seasonal delivery is available between the first week of December and the last week of February.
  • Save More Money. You can pick up your wood year-round. Contact us for an appointment.

Cut & Dried Firewood Sales

Englewood Firewood Co. is the simple choice if you want quality firewood that’s been aged well and protected. Make your indoor furnace, fireplace, or backyard firepit a cozy gathering place with the best wood in the Englewood, OH area. Our sister company, DW Lawn and Landscaping LLC offers additional services such as mulching, lawn care, landscaping, and seasonal lawn maintenance. For a free estimate or to request delivery, contact us at (937) 231-5809.

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